Marco Funk

Marco Funk

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First Name * Marco
Last Name * Funk
Username * wiz4rd
Country * Germany
City Tuebingen
Nationality German
Languages EnglishGerman



Availability: student


I did a few things during the last few years: took the qualifying examination for becoming an air traffic controler, studied mathematics for a year, work in the kitchen of a restaurant for 2--3 months, and then in an Irish Pub for about another year.
Currently I'm studying American Literature and Musicology here in Tuebingen. Almost finished!
But what I would really like to do is to work with CG. I don't know if I'll ever be able to do this, if I'll ever be good enough, but at least it's a little dream I have. Although I know, that having only Vue skills is far from being enough... anyway, it's just a dream after all. And a nice hobby.
It all started with good old Terragen 0.8. IMO a nice program to start with. After a short step into TG2 I heard about Vue, tried it, and started using it almost solely. In my first few images I played with the basic functions of it, especially using eco-systems and all that stuff which TG didn't provide. At least not in such an easy and intuitive way. Then came a picture where I had to go into the function editor. Something new! But with a bit of patience, not THAT bad. Yet, I have to confess that my skills in the function editor are limited to adjusting the built-in ones. But I'm still learning...


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